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In 1991 small breweries started to rise all around Hungary. József Simkó and Csongor Rozsán opened their business at that time as well. After 10 days of traning they made their first beer which was the Jäger (a bayern läger). The name of the brewery comes from its hometown – Békésszentandrás.
You can find their website at: http://szentandrassorfozde.hu


In 1990, the Eagle was re-named the Wychwood Brewery after the Ancient medieval the Wychwood Forest which borders Witney. Paddy Glenny sold his shareholding in 1990 to Ian Rogers, a Regional Manager of Halls of Oxford, the brewery’s biggest customer. Aged only 27, Ian sold his house to become a partner with Chris and set about creating a chain of 40 real ale pubs intrinsically tied to the newly renamed Wychwood Brewery with all its myths and legends imagery.
You can find their website at: http://wychwood.co.uk

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